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Data analysis

Identification of value through econometrics and social network analysis.

Statistical patent analysis

Developing IP strategies for managing innovation.

R, Python or Stata

We provide all data along with the analysis source code, aiming for reproducibility.

Consultancy services with an academic approach.


We specialize in data-driven innovation management and offer assistance in formulating your business strategies.

Data analysis for academic research

With extensive experience in research in management and economics, we are well-equipped to provide valuable insights and solutions tailored to your needs.

Statistical patent analysis platform

A platform offering comprehensive patent intelligence, providing valuable statistical insights at a fraction of the cost.

Open source

While we share some of our internal code, we also provide all the data and analysis code, available in R, Python, or Stata.

Our Services

Business Analysis

Identify problems and provide solutions for your business.


Insigthful whitepapers for the executive team.

Intellectual Property

Helping to set an IPR strategy for your product.

Data strategies

Maximize value and achieve objectives with your data.


Our results are provided with the models used.


Deploy and deliver R Shiny or Python interfaces.

Our Skills

Our tool set.

Our primary toolkit consists of free and open-source software, but we can also utilize Stata based on your requirements.

  • 01- Data analysis

  • 02- Econometrics (R or Stata)

  • 03- Social network analysis

  • 04- Full stack development

  • 05- Deployment and system administration (GNU/Linux)

Our Team

Altay Özaygen

Altay Özaygen

Data analyst

Altay is an associated researcher at Insitut-Mines Télécom Business School, France where he also received his Phd. He is an expert in social network analysis, open innovation, patent analysis and management of innovation. Prior experience as a software developer, information security and system administrator.

Alberto Nonnis

Alberto Nonnis


Alberto is a post-doctoral researcher in Economics at Université Paris-Saclay. He obtained his Ph.D in Economics from University of Cagliari, Italy. His research interests are macroeconomics, monetary economics, DSGE modelling, financial Markets, climate change economics and intangible capital.

Keoungoui Kim

Keoungoui Kim


Keungoui is an professor in AI Convergence Institute at Handong Global University, South Korea. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Seoul National University. He is an expert in patent analysis, data science, natural language processing, and machine learning.

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We are all-remote based in Paris, France and Pohang, South Korea. You can also contact us using Linked-in.